Become a Better Researcher

Our research problems are unique and our genealogy software, to be useful, must be flexible enough to match our respective problems and our respective methods. The Master Genealogist is that software, but power and flexibility has a down side. The more options a program has, the more decisions the user must make. This year, the Tri-Valley TMG User Group will explore those options and make some of those personal decisions. Would you like to play along with us? Do each month's assignment, and if you like, e-mail it to us at: We'll post some of the completed assignments on this blog each month. Let's hear it for choices!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Our June Meeting

Heads up!

Due to a lot of scheduling conflicts, our June meeting is the first Saturday, June 6th, at the usual time and place. The first half of the meeting will be spent practicing techniques for combining two or more VCF charts. The second half of the meeting will be "Stump the Panel" time. None of us spends the time between meetings working only with the meeting topics, and questions always seem to come up that have nothing to do with VCF charts.
  • Do you have a citation question?
  • Do you want a special report, but can't seem to design it?
  • Have you made a custom tag that you think we would all like?
Bring your problems, questions, and ideas to the June meeting and try to "Stump the Panel."

Don't forget! The meeting is June 6th.